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The Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Alliance (GVPTA) is a non-profit charitable organization whose membership includes theatre companies, theatre makers and artists, and other organizations and individuals that support theatre. We provide services, promotion of member news and community events, opportunities to connect and network, and our annual theatre conference. Together with our members we are raising the profile of local theatre and building community.

Our mission: To strengthen the local theatre industry

We are a charitable organization that functions because of the hard work of the following:
  • a volunteer Board of Directors;
  • three part-time employees;
  • our team of volunteer resident bloggers and a blogging coordinator; and
  • a handful of other volunteers, interns, and students who offer us help for various programs throughout the year.

We work to support our members, who include:

  • Individual theatre artists, students, administrators
  • Theatre production companies, collectives, ensembles
  • Educational institutions
  • Theatre venues
  • Arts publicists
  • Other organizations and individuals who support the local theatre industry

As a charitable organization, we apply for, receive, and are grateful for support from several funding sources, including:

You can read about the history of the GVPTA on THIS PAGE

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